Sunday, August 5, 2012

Does It Suit Me + Shopping Haul

Lots of bloggers post their "shopping hauls" so I took some pictures of the stuff I purchased lately.

But first, the outfit that almost caused a family rift. Well, not really, but my mother said that I'm not 18 years old and that I should go and change. And my husband said that it looks good but it's not my best. While I didn't argue with the husband, my Mom's remarks seemed a bit over the top. Yes, the skirt is full, but my ass is not hanging out and my knees are pretty much covered.

Anyway, I felt good in this outfit. And two fashion-forward girls at the mall asked my opinion on which dress one of them should get. That should account for something.

And now for the haul.

As soon as I saw this necklace in Zara I just had to get my hands on it. And I immediately wore it with the stripey top - as seen on a number of fashion webpages.

It is so... much! And I love it.

I'll probably wear it with everything.

Pretty, pretty, pretty.

Then I bought myself some Zara perfume. They keep these simple bottles by the cash register, and you have time to sniff it while you wait in line. This blueberry scent is very light and it lasts quite a long time, no less than my other perfumes. At the price of about 10 bucks it's a real treat.

And the scent of this reminded me of something I had in high school. I don't remember the name, but as soon as I smelled it, I had such a warm and pleasant feeling that I couldn't pass it by. I could say that my life is often ruled by my nose. Scents and smells are very important for me. And this one brought back happy memories.

Another necklace from Zara. It was very short, like a real choker, so I extended the chain, just in case.

This necklace would look great with a breton top. I got this top as well, it has slightly longer sleeves, just below the elbows.

And the last photo in this picture-heavy post is this cheap and cheerful bag. It's bright orange! An unusual color for me. But I imagined it with jeans and a trench, a pop of color against a neutral outfit, and I was sold. Or rather, the bag was sold. To me. It has a long shoulder strap as well.

There we go. Little pleasures that add flavor to everyday life.


  1. I ADORE everything! Don't listen to them the skirt is fantastic and certainly age-appropriate. If I ever feel a bit too 'young' I find adding a jacket or cardigan helps a lot. As does good accessories, which you certainly have covered! L xx

  2. Oh, thank you so much for the moral support! I know Mom means well but...
    In the meantime, I'm thinking of wearing the choker necklace tomorrow, just have to decide with what.