Thursday, September 6, 2012

Orange Pants

So here I was, thinking that once I'm done with my job I'll never to to the mall again. But the other day my Mom asked me if I wanted to go there with her. She wanted to buy a dress and maybe something else and of course, it's more fun shopping with me than with my Dad who bugs her all the time to go home.
And off we went. I put on my trusty golden flats, easy going shorts and a stretchy top.

Didn't plan or want to spend any money. But I had to return something at the H&M. So this is me in the dressing rooms, trying to take my own pictures.

The dressing room was so tiny! Next time I'll try and get the corner one.

I returned the pair of jeans, added a couple of shekels and got myself a nice winter dress. It's hanging in the closet right now as it is too hot just to look at it.

In another news, I had a job interview yesterday. They'll let me know, but if it goes well I'll start in about a month and a half. It's another secretarial / administrative position but without dealing with people directly. This company mostly works with different organizations and corporations. We'll see if I get the job or not. So far I'm not even sure I really want it but it seems like a good opportunity and it would be a shame to miss out on it in the current situation.

In the meantime, I'm off to translate a very annoying animated show with a certain roundheaded buffoon. Guess which one it is!


  1. Navy and orange is always a winning combo! Good luck with the job. Must be hard to translate shows with lots of swearing and slang?! L xx

    1. Hey, that's why I called this show annoying :) I love Karl though.
      Yes, swearing is tough to translate because there is a set of very strict rules and guidelines as to which words can and cannot be used in subtitles. There are lots of expressions in Russial that are not suitable for public viewing on your TV screen even if they fit the best. I have to dance around the obvious a lot.