Friday, September 21, 2012

Welcome, Normann!

We had an interesting week. Last Sunday morning we had an addition to our family. After a long two-month wait we finally got an iguana. We assume it's a "he" and his name is Normann (Kid's idea). Normann travelled all the way from Florida and ended up in Kid's bedroom. The interior decoration of the terrarium has improved since these pictures were taken. Meaning, we put a blue rug on the floor instead of newspaper and a nice picture against the back wall.

Normann just sits around all day which is to be expected. He doesn't eat much and doesn't drink even though I put a little water bowl in there. The terrarium is supposed to be hot and humid, so some water is not going to hurt anybody.

We're supposed to hold him for at least 10 minutes every day, so that he gets used to people. It's a bit tricky because he scratches and tries to escape. My hands look like they belong to a 12-year old kid that just got a new kitten.

We put some toys in the terrarium, Normann just climbs on and sits on them.

I'm not really sure what to feed him. The information on the internet is really conflicting, some sites say "yes to lettuce", other sites say "no". So far I figured out that Normann likes cucumbers, lettuce and arugula leaves, he likes pears and doesn't like grated carrots and zuccini. I'm planning to get some bouganvillea leaves from my neighbors garden because I saw a youtube clip of an iguana eating them.

Right now priority number one is to protect Normann from Snooker who is wandering aroung like a tiger, trying to lift the lid (he succeeded once already), making threatening miaows and generally being a pain in the ass. Normann tries to scare Snooker away by inflating his beard. I don't think is going to help so I just close the door.

Can't say my life is boring.

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