Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Colt .45

Hi everybody. Another year passed and I've changed the caliber. From .44 Magnum to Colt .45

Yes, I've turned 45 and it's hard to believe... Or not so hard. They say that you are as old as you feel. In that case I'm about 30 - 35 maybe. I'm not going to break into deep philosophical thought, who needs it? Instead I'll show you the dress I got from the lovely Pearl of Fashion Pearls of Wisdom and ShopStreetStyle. Remember I told you about the leopard print vintage dress? Well, it arrived and just in time for my birthday.

Of course, I was going to wear it somewhere nice and take brilliant pictures and post about it. But my workload is still crazy, so if I don't do it now, who knows when it's going to happen! I took the unglamorous photos in my cluttered walk-in closet, lighting is poor, facial expressions are slightly off, but the dress is gorgeous and it fits perfectly!

I wore my brown shoes - the safest choice. Pearl styled it with red shoes which would be a great option for going out. I still have to experiment and I will.

It's a wrap dress, so it can be easily adjusted for the best fit. I know now that UK size 14 is size 12 American - a useful bit of info for future online shopping.

Boy, am I glad this picture is so fuzzy! What's going on with my lips?

I'm trying WendyB's pose again.

And sucking in my stomach while I'm at it.

Here is a desperate attempt to find a more pleasant backdrop which would be my lemon tree. But the tree is slightly worn out after the winter and the balcony wall needs paint, and the dog looks kinda bored. Oh well, I tried.

Other than the dress I got lots of skincare, a couple of nice chiffon tunics and a pink Tignanello purse that I'll have to show off on this blog. Birthdays are fun!


  1. Oh Tanya it looks absolutely gorgeous!!! It was definately made for you. You will have to send your photo to Wendy B she has been doing posts on ladies wearing leopard. Happy Birthay too xx

  2. Happy birthday.45??? You are a baby...Life begins at 50, hehehe
    I got to know you Through PearL.

  3. that dress looks totally beautiful on you! you're stunning! fourty-what? you're so fresh, believe me! happy birthday!

  4. Thank you all so much!

    - Pearl, I'd send the photos to Wendy B if I could clean them up a bit. I love her "leopard" and "red legs" series.

    - Sacramento - hi and welcome! Thank you for your comment, made me giggle.

    - Thanks Lipstick, you are so kind!

  5. Hi you look fab and Happy Birthday! Followed the link from Pearl xx

  6. Hi CameronPoe, welcome and thank you!
    I'm off to visit your blog :)

  7. P.S I linked your post up on my post today, hope thats ok X

  8. Sure it is, Pearl! Thanks, I'll go check it out :)