Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Total Rip Off

Lots of fashion bloggers write about getting inspired by fashion mags and other bloggers. I wrote about it too and tried to recreate the outfits I liked the best. Other times I see something I liked, say pair of shoes, and go to ebay in hopes of buying exactly same thing. It happened a couple of times. But here I'd like to present "and now for something completely different" case. Which is what you do while suffering from total lack of imagination.

A sale in the shop also helps.

Here is a page from the "Jump" catalog.
Interesting skirt, lightweight flowy blouse.
So what's a girl to do?

Easy! Just buy both items on sale (two for the price of one) and wear them together!

My blouse has white buttons which I prefer. And it required a camisole underneath, which I already had. Throw in some heels and you're done.

Pearls seemed to be the obvious jewelry choice for this outfit. Oh so breezy and light!

Goofy face included.

These are my extreme pointy shoes from some years ago. The color matched the skirt, and they are super comfortable.

I got this shirt from the same catalog. But the model is wearing it with tight white shorts. So I'll have to think of something else to wear.

Do you ever copy shopping catalogs in full?


  1. Hilarious! I have never done this, but I would love to oneday - if only everything was two for one. I LOVE the outfit!


  2. Thank you, Lotus. I have a misfortune of working in a shopping mall. All the SA's know me and happily inform me of the specials in their shops. Once a "Jump" SA ran after me as I walked by, dragged me into the shop and pitched some "once of a lifetime opportunity". But there are pluses as well, like getting that outfit relatively cheap :)