Saturday, May 14, 2011

Three Ways Inspiration

The Blogger hiccup kicked me out of circulation for another 4 days of so. Of course, my posts are short and simple, and there's not much material there to retype. But when you spend hours on end working on your computer, once you finished work the last thing you want to do is spend more time on the annoying slow ancient PC (it's about 6 years old, a real pensioner).

So here is my last Thursday thing. Inspired by InStyle magazine. It's from their "Three Ways" feature. I opened the mag and immediately thought: Cool, I already have this tunic! No need to spend extra.

Here is what they wrote about Look # 1: White skinny jeans make a lean counterpoint. Ground the look with earth-toned accessories, such as a beaded necklace and woven sandals.

I don't own any woven sandals but brownish flats seemed like a good choice, especially because I had to do some running around that day.

So here is my version:

I got this top last spring for peanuts (about 16 bucks). I would never think to pair it with white. Thank you, InStyle, for the idea.

I got this bracelet at the artisan fair (I hope that's what you call it) at the shopping mall where I work. Every Tuesday I have to close my eyes as I ran to the car. Temptations on every corner.

Diagonal elevator shot to show off my new haircut. It's a bit fuzzy from the humidity as I just walked in from the heat. I find that Frizz-Ease works the best for my hair but have you seen the price of it lately? I mean, in Israel? It's NIS 99 (like 26 USD!!!) I remember the drugstore product prices in Canada and feel like weeping.

Next on my list is something yellow. Maybe I'll start with a bright sunny scarf, I don't know.

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  1. I am still so mad at blogger, I am actually moving over to Wordpress I am so mad!!! In Style is such a great mag, they have the best style sections.