Saturday, May 14, 2011

Sergeant Stripes

No, I'm not the most consistent blogger in the blogosphere...

Another month has gone by and I haven't posted anything. Of course, I could blame it on "The Wire" that is finally done and I've had about a week to recover, clean the house like it should be cleaned, order a new fridge, order a new computer...

My war with the fridge is finally over. It was supposed to be a No Frost experience. Instead for the last 3 - 4 years I had to defrost it every 6 months, then every 3 months, then every month. It sucked, people! So last Friday I broke down and paid for a spanking new Sharp fridge with 7 year-warranty on the motor. Delivery is scheduled for the coming Wednesday. So what did my old fridge do? It got pissed off and stopped working. Good thing my parents live downstairs and I just moved all my food to their fridge.

Can't wait for Wednesday!

I leave you with my stripey outfit I wore sometime this month.
I got a lot of compliments on the scarf from our elderly customers.

It was one of those non-elegant days.


  1. I love a good stripey top! What polish are you wearing - is a really nice shade of pink!


  2. Hi Lotus, so sorry it took me days to see your comment! I had computer trouble which resulted... in a new PC. Now I'm trying fo find my way through Windows 7.

    I have a couple of pink polishes. I think it's "basket case" by Orly, I'll have to check:)