Sunday, May 8, 2011

My Lady Dragons

Funny, I wanted to name this post "Great minds think alike" but this title was already taken by WendyB for her Sunday blog post. But Wendy was talking about vintage checkered sunglasses. And I would like to talk about something completely different, that is Vivienne Westwood Anglomania + Melissa Hart Lady Dragon shoes. And I didn't just steal the idea from Pearl who wrote about the very same shoes in her Saturday post. Because this is what I bought and wore last Thursday.

Look, I'm a proud owner of the Lady Dragons in black!

I saw them in a shop called Factory 54 which carries all kinds of stuff, designer "leftovers" so to speak, at slightly reduced prices among other things. I saw the shoes, I thought about them for about a week, and then decided that I had to have them.

So Thursday, when I start work at 12:00, I stopped at the shop on the way to the office. The shoes were still there, I tried them on, bought them and changed in the car (couldn't walk out of the shop in them as I had to take off all kinds of stickers first).

I knew I was going to buy them, so I built my outfit to match the future shoes. And it worked I think.

Of course, nothing is perfect, and the shoes are a tad too big, maybe half a size or so. But I can work with that.

They have little bows as you can see. And such a comfortable heel. Though I might have to play around with clear inserts just to make them fit a bit better (so my foot sits farther back). Or not.

The sitting on the table shot, as usual. Here you can see my turquoise necklace, a birthday gift from BFF.

One more pic of the shoes. Swoon! They'll go with so many things!

And some eye-candy saved for last. It's my birthday Tignanello purse. It's less pink and more fuchsia in real life, like in the first picture.

See how little we need to be happy! At least for a day.


  1. The shoes are fantastic - I love how the bow is tortise shell-look. I have been dreaming about a pair of McQueen boots at The Tribune for months now... they are super-duper reduced but would still make a fair dent in the budget. Maybe next pay day!


  2. Ha ha we are psychic shoe twins!! Its funny because I also have a leo print top I was trying them on with the other day but couldnt find any bottoms to go with it! I loved the ones with the bows but they sold out before I could get a pair of those, so I was so excited they did another version in black. They are sized on the large side arent they luckily if I put the strap on the tightest notch they are just right for me, but there is room at the back. I love the colour of your necklace and bag with the outfit too xx

  3. Ladies, sorry for being so late with my answer. I blame it on Blogger and work!

    Lotus, that Tribune is a dream. I look at pictures on your and FF's blogs and I'm dying to go and visit!

    Pearl, I'm sure there is telepathy at play on fashion blogs!