Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Summer Gold

The crazy heat wave seems to be almost over, but the summer is here to stay. Sleeveless, cropped and open-toed, these are the key-words for choosing what to wear. The other day I went with denim shorts, golden top and a surprise pair of sandals.

These shorts are a bit snug around the waist. It was an optimistic purchase, plus they didn't have a bigger size anyway. A loose top hides all the bumps while the shorts are stretching naturally (I already wore them twice and they got a bit looser).

And these wedge sandals? They are by FlyFoot which is famous here for it's orthopedic shoes. I've been looking for a comfortable "all-day" wedge like this.

The shop also had them in black but I didn't like the contrast between the body and the wedge. So I went with the "untanned skin color".

Unlike my silver Zara heels from the previous post, these puppies required some preventive Band-Aids on my heels. Well, better be safe than sorry. I think I'll wear them tomorrow as well.

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