Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Maxi Trend

Thank you so much for your comments, you really helped me. It's three weeks today since I lost Snooker. Last night Boomer and I visited his little cairn in the tiny grove just outside my town. It's peaceful and quiet, just buzzing bees and rustling leaves. Boomer was pretty tired after an hour walk (there and back), he is almost 10 years old and it's getting too hot for long walks.
I'm thinking of getting a kitten, but in the meantime Van the neighborhood cat has been staying with us, he sleeps most nights here, going out for an occasional walk or spending a day at the neighbors. It's nice to have cat company.
Anyway, let's talk about something different. Something bright and happy. Like the maxi dress trend that never goes away. Which is great because it's perfect for hot summer days. A couple of examples from my fave fashion blogs. Devon rocks this palmtree print dress. I bet she didn't have to hem it, lucky tall girl. I love the cool vibe and the addition of tough-looking belt helps balance it all out.
And here is Amy in Seattle, out and about in her sunshine dress. I love the dress with a denim jacket (so not going to happen in Israel in the summer! Well, maybe in severely airconditioned room). Just add flat sandals and you're set.
I always loved this look but wasn't sure that I could pull it off. But now, having lost some weight, I feel that I can. So I jumped in and got myself this leafy number.
 I brushed my hair, I swear! I just came inside from the hot dry wind!
The dress had an elastic belt and if I were re-e-ally tall I'd wear it lower on my hips. But I didn't want to bother with a trip to the taylor so I just pull it higher and drape the top half over it. Plus this way the length can be adjusted for heels.

It's made of soft good quality jersey fabric and is perfect for the sveltering weather.

Pulled the dress a bit too low here. I wouldn't want to sweep the streets with it.

I am still getting used to this column of colorful print. But I like it.

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