Saturday, June 22, 2013

Meet Louie

In my last post I mentioned that we were thinking about getting a kitten. My Kid's birthday is coming up (it's on June 24th), and I asked him what he wanted. The answer was simple - a cat. And a scratching post/tower. So the timing was perfect and we decided that the Kid would get an early birthday present this year.
Meet Louie, everyone! Our Scottish Fold little cutie. He was advertised as British shorthair but a thorough googling revealed the "true nature" of these ears. There were two kittens to choose from, Louie and his little lilac sister. She was beautiful and energetic, but these folded ears totally won me over. We picked him up Thursday evening and finally came up with a name this morning.
All my cats before Louie were rescued from the street. This time I decided to spend some money and get a purebred. We'll see if it's any different. The main idea was getting a cat that's never been outside. Hopefully he'll stay indoors all the time. The street killed my Snooker and I don't want to live through something like this again.

Louie is so gentle. He hasn't bitten or willingly scratched me even once! All my kittens before him were bitey and scratchy. But he is really brave around Boomer, swatting, hissing and growling at the poor dog, you might think we have a lion in the house!

Louie is scheduled for his shots tomorrow.
After the initial shock he is finally eating and going to the litter box.

He likes his "tower". We got a smaller one. The tower I wanted cost way too much. Maybe one day, when he grows up.


Van the neighborhood cat just got a shot today as well, so that he can still come and visit. Our local vet stopped by (on a Saturday!). Now Van is acting all offended and he is sulking at the neighbor's flat. Hope he forgives me by the evening.

For some reason, none of the cats I ever had (except for Van) drink out of a water dish. They prefer to drink from cups and glasses in the sink. Louie is just the same. I decided to keep a full glass in the sink all the time.

He spent all morning playing with the Kid. Now he is totally knackered and asleep. I took this picture 5 minutes ago.

These pictures are way more interesting and cute than any outfit photos I took of myself! Expect to see lots of them in the future.


  1. Oh my gosh, Tanya, he is ADORABLE! What a beauty - that grey colour, the little fuzzy ears. So cute. I am just dying of cuteness here.

    1. I could just look at him all day. Actually, that's how I spent the Saturday. Good thing the dinner's been cooked yesterday or the Kid+husband would go hungry!