Sunday, July 7, 2013

Cool Shades

Living in a climate where the sun is shining 360 days a year presents certain challenges. OK, maybe 350 days a year, but who's counting? It gets to the point where you wake up in the morning and grumpily say: Oh no, it's sunny again! That bloody sun!
I must apologize to everyone who doesn't enjoy summer for 9 months every year. But too much of a good thing can kill your mood anyday.

So what accessory would be most important? That's right, sunglasses. I love me a good pair, or should I say, a collection? Be warned, you'll see a lot of pictures that look right back at you.

Today I decided to share my sunglasses collection with the world. What?! You can't expect to see cat photos 100% of the time on this blog! I've counted 14 pairs that I wear all the time, some more often than the others. I'll start with the fanciest ones.

These Miu Miu ones were my birthday present. They are the most expensive sunglasses that I've ever owned. I love them. The only drawback is that you can't wear them on your head. Oh well.

These Karen Walker Number One I bought on ebay. I paid about 170 bucks for them, and they seem to be a real deal. Mind you, I don't care if they're fakes, their quality is great, so whatever.

These are from Zara. Inexpensive and very-very nice cat-eyes.

These Nine West beauties are two or three years old. Still love them and wear them a lot.

Next is my Aldo collection. I love Aldo sunglasses, they protect my eyes from the glare and I don't squint when wearing them. That's a number one rule when buying sunnies in my book.

These are my latest purchase. I've been looking for Karen Walker's Super Duper on ebay but they are way too expensive for me. I was so happy when I saw these! They don't have the arrows on the arms but I don't care. For 20 bucks they fit the bill nicely.

Retro sunnies for my summer dresses. They pinch my nose a bit but otherwise quite nice.

Sporty wayfarer lookalikes.

Black cat-eyes. Most of my sunglasses are brown, these are almost black. Very elegant.

Gucci dupe from couple of years ago. Not too crazy about them anymore but I still wear them.

The same but different. Mad color scheme.

The only aviators that fit my face were Aldo men's! Go figure.

I found these "Carolina Lemke" aviators in the street. Lucky me!

These are my Mom's. I'm not sure how old they are but they have a certain hippie vibe. I wear them sometimes with long dresses or skirts. My boho sunnies.

And the pair that gets worn most of all? My dog-walking glasses. Oldies from Aldo. They get all the sweat and they fall down a lot, but still alive and kicking. They are my go-to pair that I grab on the way out and throw on the counter coming back.

Wow, that was a lot of pictures.

But you didn't think I'd let you go without looking at my home zoo, did you?

Norman walked the great plains of the living-room yesterday. It's kinda tough because you have to keep all the windows closed.

But the big fan was on and Norman used it to his advantage. Lulu helped.
I was really worried that Norman's tail would get caught in the fan, but he kept it up.

And this is so cute, I can't find any words! There she is, my little frog!

That's all, folks!


  1. Impressive collection! It's been a bit of a wet dreary winter here instead of the usual clear blue days but the sun finally came out this weekend and I could use my prescription Ray Bans - love 'em!

    1. This southern\northern hemisphere thing is so weird! How cold does it get in Brisbane?
      I once had a pair of prescription sunglasses stolen from my backpack in Thailand. Oh boy, did it suck after that!

  2. I think I'd get sick of the sun too, but I love all those sunglasses! I want the pink retro ones!

    1. I got the pink ones at Aldo two weeks ago, so it's a new collection for us but probably an old collection for you...

      I'm going away for 10 days and I was so happy when I checked the forecast and it's going to be raining half the time! Yes!!!!!

  3. wow!!! look at this collection, i a, impressed! the first sunnies by MiuMiu is my crave!

    1. Hi Albina, I just saw your comment - you left it just as I went off to Moscow and I missed it, sorry! Thank you.