Tuesday, July 2, 2013

More Cuteness and Selfridges

I got lots of comments (hey, it is for me) and everyone likes Lulu. So I am posting more pictures of her.
She's mostly sleeping. When she's awake it's very hard to take her pictures. When she's asleep you get to look at this little face.

Lulu helps me with my work. She follows my translations closely.

Then she gets bored and tries to eat the monitor.

Then she reads some more.

And then gets behind the monitor to do some thorough dusting and cable scratching.

Then she gets tired and lies down.
This is Lulu's scratching post. Not the best design, I must tell you. I'll have to replace it when she grows up. But it's perfect for now and she likes to play on / in / around it.

And then she falls asleep again.

Her favorite spot is right in front of the TV. Good thing she's only little. Here she is, watching "Mr.Selfridge" with us. Love this show, by the way.

Speaking of "Mr.Selfridge", look what I found at the secondhand store! 100% cotton, pretty, flattering and vintage.

Look at the labels. It's from Selfridges! According to the Internet, Sidgreene is from the 70s.

Maybe it comes from the same home as the camel coat I found in the same store in March?

If so, bring it on, people! You have my size! I'll have your fashions!


  1. Lulu is the cutest cat!! Glad she is bringing joy to the home! L xx

    1. Hi Lotus! Thank you, she is such a pleasure to be with!