Thursday, August 22, 2013

Dino Date

Yesterday Kid and I went to the dinosaur exhibit in Rehovot Weizmann Institure. I jumped at the chance to wear my new dress that I bought for the Moscow trip but didn't even take it out of the suitcase. Too cold. Well, it was perfect for here.

Big-ass 2 dollar earrings and chainlink bracelets completed the look.

I knew we'd have to do some walking, so I wore my old andalusian sandals.   
The Weizmann Institute of Science is a research center in Rehovot, here is the Wiki page. On the grounds there are some interesting structures.

Labyrinth-looking walls.

Lots of trees and green grass.

And fat cats. This one didn't even blink when I came up and ask to take his picture.

My son said that this model of a megaraptor was incorrect. The claws should be longer. I believe him, he knows.

The argentinosaurus was so huge, Kid had to go way back to fit him (and me) in the frame.

Stegosaurus saying hello. Behind him was something called  eco-sphere. It reminded me of the movie "Bio-Dome" that I translated years ago into Russian subtitles.

My friend amargosaurus.

T-rex, of course!

And ankylosaurus.

There were more dinos, but that's for the "experts" (the Kid would sit for hours studying all these photos).
 A good educational outing. We got home pretty late mostly due to a traffic jam. Luckily the bus was air-conditioned.
Next week he goes back to school.

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