Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Everyday Moscow

Going on a holiday with a kid means you have to provide entertainment. Luckily for us, my friends treated us to a day at the circus. Here it is, the circus on Vernadsky prospect. You're not allowed to take pictures inside when the show is on... Here is their ad on YouTube if anyone's interested. Trained bears, hippos, goats, beautiful horses - it was a great show.

My Kid loves dinosaurs and knows lots about them. That's why the Paleontological museum was next on our list. It's open all week except Mondays and Tuesdays and the entrance fee is 250 rubles for an adult and 100 for the Kid. But then again, the price might be different for foreigners. I speak Russian so we went in as locals. The museum is quite far from the city center, subway station Teply Stan plus 10 min walk.

I'm not sure which dinos are these, my Kid could tell you.

We loved the inner garden with dinosaur statues. You can only look at it from the balconies above, that's the idea.

Obviously, the Kid is not the only one who needed entertainment!

This is a "normal" Moscow street. See the trolleybus? I haven't seen them anywhere else. It's like a bus with "tentacles" that are sliding along electric cables above the road. From time to time, if a trolleybus makes a sharp turn, the "tentacles" disconnect and it gets stuck. Then the driver has to get off, grab the ropes (see them at the end of the tentacles there?) and muscle them back onto the cables. Lots of fun.

Moscow is full of shops and fancy cars and well-dressed people. The street is empty because it was the weekend. Otherwise it's a people-soup out there.

The province is much more serene and relaxed. These houses are more or less typical, I mean the roof-shapes. The slope of the roof is meant for heavy snow-falls, so the snow  falls off.
This is my friend's back yard.

Look at all these chanterelles!

 And a gooseberry bush. I got all scratched up searching for gooseberries and it was worth it.

Well, this is it.
It was a great trip. A bit nostalgic for me and very educational for the Kid. He ate foods he never even looked at before. He saw the subway and marveled at how deep underground it is. He brushed up on his Russian.
And now for something completely different. We're flying to Marmaris, Turkey on September 3d. We haven't travelled since 2009 so this year turned out just great.


  1. I had to google chanterelle as I had never seen them before. Not sure if we have them here in Australia I have never seen mushrooms that beautiful golden colour - Anita

    1. They are great - just fry some onion, add the mushrooms and some sour-cream at the end, salt, pepper. And potatoes - boiled or mashed. Great side dish.

  2. Oh I love the pictures of your friend's house. Your trolly bus reminds me of an updated version of our streetcars here in New Orleans. : ) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Streetcars_in_New_Orleans

  3. Oh they have streetcars too, only they're called tramway and run on rail track. Trolls go on the regular roads. A different kind of animal :)