Monday, September 15, 2014

An Admission of Guilt

I decided that it is time to admit that Instagram is a much more efficient way to document one's daily outfits than blogging. I've been working on my translations and "slaving away" at the shop five or six days a week and even though I took pictures and thought of ideas, I never seemed to carry out the actual writing and posting. Basically I'm admitting that I am guilty of instant gratification-type behavior - take a picture, post it on Instagram, get likes, be happy.

It doesn't mean that I'll stop posting here. It's just going to be even more sporadic than before. Oh well, I am doing it for myself after all.

So if anybody is actually visiting this page, here are my favorite outfits from the last couple of weeks.

All black with a huge necklace (is that a scientific term?)

A coral dress from our shop
with the same huge necklace 


Beige and blue

H&M snake print jeans
and fringed top

H&M kitty-cat t-shirt
and GAP sexy boyfriends

The last outfit was worn today with high wedges from Steve Madden. I survived a 6-hour shift during which I was mostly walking around the shop and ventured out on errands twice. And at the end of the day I was still standing. I took spare flats with me but didn't feel the need to change. That says something about the shoes being comfortable. Or about me being stoic. I don't know.

Anyway, it's really late and I'm going to bed. So that tomorrow I could do it all over again - translate an episode of the poor dome survival TV series and work evening shift at the store.

Good night, everybody!

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  1. Fabulous outfits, Tanya! You have a great sense of style. Great to hear from you again, my friend. :)