Friday, November 16, 2012


Here I was, organizing my winter booties, boots and shoes, lining them up in my eternally unfinished shoe-closet. Hey, at least I have a shoe-closet as opposed to stacking boxes wherever I can. Now I can stack them in the shoe-closet.
Anyway, here is the shoe and bootie wall.

And some of my tall boots came out of storage as well.

Out came the trenches, the blazers, the long-sleeved shirts and dresses and my faux fur Zara vest.

And then the operation in Gaza began. No school for the Kid, air-raid sirens pretty much every hour or so, non-stop news on TV. That's how we spent the last two days. I tried to upload a little video of certain bright flashes in the sky that I filmed while walking the dog, but it didn't work (the Blogger froze). Not much of a movie, just two flashes and then two loud "booms" sometime later. Oh well, anyone can see and hear this stuff on TV.

You can kind of get used to the sirens during daytime, but when they wake you up in the middle of the night it's usually a shocker. I jump up and run to the Kid even before I wake up.

So I might have slightly OD'd on ice-cream tonight. I got on my scale this morning and saw that I've lost 5 kg since I started my "healthy eating plan" that is low-everything diet. I still have quite a way to go but I already feel better and I'm determined to go on. So tonight's ice-cream was my once-a-week indulgence. I'm hoping to lose another
5 kg and then work on maintaining my lower weight. Otherwise I'll have to buy a whole new wardrobe, and who's got money for that in this economy? Happened to be at H&M yesterday, the whole store was 50% off the second item, and what did I buy? A thin light brown belt, leather but cheap. That's all.

Anyway, I'm off to bed. Hope there'll be no sirens at night and we all can sleep like normal people.


  1. Oh gosh how scary!! Hope the madness ends soon and thinking of you and the family.

    Nice shoe collection!

  2. Thank you, Lotus. It is scary. It's Sunday and we've already had two sirens (it's 11:30) and the booms were quite loud. The second siren caught me and the Kid outside, we went into a shop and waited there. Yesterday we had about 5 sirens.
    We're sitting at home, so my shoe collection is on vacation right how :)