Friday, November 9, 2012

Dream Come True

Ever since I read the Brooklyn Blonde's post "A Camel and Red Roundup" all I could think about was wearing my camel Mango blazer with a red top. But it was too hot for a blazer, so I had to be patient and wait. And then, today, at 7 a.m. the skies finally opened and it rained. And the heat was gone, just like that. See, the autumn here in Israel is extremely short, almost non-existent, the summer pretty much turns into winter. It's raining right now, the wind is howling, and I had to pull my winter tracksuit bottoms out of storage to walk the dog.
Anyway, today I finally wore my camel blazer with my ancient but still vibrant red top (sleeveless, it's not that cold yet) with boyfriend jeans and suede booties (from Mango as well).

Had to return iguana dry food that I bought for Norman, but he refused to even look at it. He loves his salad. So I drove to the mall, got my money back, picked up my gray Nine West pumps from the cobblers (toe-box stretching) and drove back home. Told my husband that for the first time in my life I left the mall with more money in the wallet than what I had coming in.

I love the booties, they are comfortable and stylish, I appreciate them not looking like cowboy boots (been there done that). And I dared to wear them with the boyfriend jeans, skin above the boots showing and all. Not exactly your best leg-lengthening technique.

Going to my cousin's birthday dinner tomorrow. Maybe I'll wear a dress that I bought in September but haven't worn yet. Maybe I'll pair it with my fuchsia H&M blazer that I haven't worn yet. We'll see if the weather keeps cool.

Have a great weekend, everybody!

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