Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Thank You, Rain

Rainy weather continued until yesterday and I was finally able to wear stuff I never wore before. Well, some of it. Like this dress and blazer.

I wore this for my cousin's birthday dinner. My shoes matched the dress and I added the blazer for "the pop of color" as they say. And I wore my newly found skin tone fishnet tights that I found at the Accessorize shop (Amber, thank you for the tip). Amber said that she always buys the single pack but they didn't have the single and I got the double. I'd like the tights to be a little lighter but hey, I'm grateful for what I could find.

My horse necklace made another appearance and everybody liked it.

Next day the rain continued and I could finally wear these H&M pants that every fashion blogger out there seems to have as well. No fancy footwear (dry feet somehow felt more important).

Went with all black and an orange purse.

And this Zara scratchy heavy necklace that I love anyway.

This has been my big clothing adventure.
The weather has warmed up since then but it's definitely jeans temperature. I'm happy!

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