Monday, December 24, 2012

Happy Holidays!!! (and last minute shopping)

Merry Christmas, everyone who celebrates it! (Jeez, we have to be so politically correct! But I prefer Merry Christmas to Season's Greetings!)
I give you an old picture of my tree, trust me, it looks the same this year. And the dog looks the same too :)
Today my friend and I met at the mall and had a nice breakfast together. And after that we went shopping. This is what I wore. My leopard trench (that coordinated with V's leopard blouse), H&M burgundy jeans and my fave sweater with chains.

I was buying presents for the Kid but couldn't resist a little something for myself at Zara.

Here it is, the "bowling bag with handles" in black. Actually I didn't know it existed in khaki, they only had it in black.

Other than the bag I got a cellphone for the Kid and this sweatshirt. Yes, I know it's women's shirt. But it has dinosaurs on it!!! I got the biggest size and I'm sure he can pull it off.

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