Friday, December 28, 2012

Weight Loss Progress Report

Just a quick post to show off. These are my leather trousers that I haven't been able to wear for at least three years. They wouldn't button at the waist (what waist?). I tried them on last night and they fit. Imagine my joy!
I've changed my diet 10 weeks ago and since then lost 8 kilograms, that's 17.6 lbs. My goal was not to get supermodel skinny (as if!), it was to feel better and wear the same clothes as before, only they would fit me better. After losing 8 kg I feel lighter, my jeans are not digging into my flesh, and the muffin top has become visibly diminished. My goal is to lose 2 more kilograms (4.5 lbs). After that if I lose more, I'll be happy. If I don't lose anymore but manage to keep off what I already lost, I'll be just as happy.

These are my el-cheapo diamonds that I bought specifically for my gray sweaters (fashion blog copy-catting).

If anybody curious, I've started my diet with Dr. Phil's "Rapid Start Plan" (here is the link for the menu - pdf file). This plan fits my requirements perfectly. I completed the 14 days (with substitutions, I didn't follow the instructions to the "t" because some products just don't exist in Israel, so I had to look for similar foodstuffs). After that I continued eating 5 times a day, approximately at the same time, following the principles of the plan but allowing myself some pasta, potatoes, rice (in moderation of course). The main thing that I noticed is that I stopped overeating. I used to get seconds and thirds. I don't do that anymore.

I really hope that I can keep this up forever. I like being lighter too much, I feel and move differently, I can run up the stairs without getting winded. By the way, I don't exercise, apart from short dog-walks. Yes, I know, it's bad. But this is who I am. I guess if I exercised, I'd be 10 more pounds lighter by now. But I'm not after speedy weightloss, I'd rather do it slow and steady.

So tonight we're eating fish (sole fillets baked in 10% cream), green beans (a bit of butter in them) and nuked green peas with salt and pepper. Luckily the Husband loves vegetables and happily eats what I eat. Of course, I prepared a tub of pasta with vegetables that he can dip into whenever he wants. That would be off limits for me (unnecessary calories, who needs them). But next week on December 31st I'm going to pig out. Which is totally all right with me.

Have a great weekend, everybody!


  1. Wow 8 kilos is impressive - good work. I will have to do a diet overhaul too after end of year over indulgence! L xx

    1. I still can't believe it. Especially because I still wear all my stuff (had to take some pants in at the waist though which I loved!)