Saturday, December 29, 2012

My Iguana Christmas

We always clean Norman's terrarium on Saturdays. He gets a fresh rug and clean glass walls. Fun fact: iguanas sneeze more than any other animal on Earth (it's from the internet, I cannot vouch for it being 100% true, but if you look at the terrarium walls at the end of the week you'll believe it).
Today before returning Norman from his little cage to the newly cleaned house we decided to let him walk around the house for the first time. We closed all the doors and windows making sure that Snooker was asleep in the bedroom and put Norman down on the rug. First he tentatively walked around checking the rug with his tongue. Then he walked over to the Christmas tree and without any visible effort he jumped up onto the lower branch.
Now see a bunch of pictures of the iguana in the tree.

He had some help getting onto Santa's head.

I am the king of the castle!

Good night, everybody!


  1. I can't believe you have a pet Iguana! He is a beautiful colour!

    1. It's my son's iguana, don't let him hear otherwise!! LOL.
      He can be very scratchy, I let my boys handle him. But I like to hold and pet him, when he likes it he closes his eyes. I keep waiting to hear him purr like a cat!