Saturday, December 29, 2012

My Iguana Christmas

We always clean Norman's terrarium on Saturdays. He gets a fresh rug and clean glass walls. Fun fact: iguanas sneeze more than any other animal on Earth (it's from the internet, I cannot vouch for it being 100% true, but if you look at the terrarium walls at the end of the week you'll believe it).
Today before returning Norman from his little cage to the newly cleaned house we decided to let him walk around the house for the first time. We closed all the doors and windows making sure that Snooker was asleep in the bedroom and put Norman down on the rug. First he tentatively walked around checking the rug with his tongue. Then he walked over to the Christmas tree and without any visible effort he jumped up onto the lower branch.
Now see a bunch of pictures of the iguana in the tree.

He had some help getting onto Santa's head.

I am the king of the castle!

Good night, everybody!

Friday, December 28, 2012

Weight Loss Progress Report

Just a quick post to show off. These are my leather trousers that I haven't been able to wear for at least three years. They wouldn't button at the waist (what waist?). I tried them on last night and they fit. Imagine my joy!
I've changed my diet 10 weeks ago and since then lost 8 kilograms, that's 17.6 lbs. My goal was not to get supermodel skinny (as if!), it was to feel better and wear the same clothes as before, only they would fit me better. After losing 8 kg I feel lighter, my jeans are not digging into my flesh, and the muffin top has become visibly diminished. My goal is to lose 2 more kilograms (4.5 lbs). After that if I lose more, I'll be happy. If I don't lose anymore but manage to keep off what I already lost, I'll be just as happy.

These are my el-cheapo diamonds that I bought specifically for my gray sweaters (fashion blog copy-catting).

If anybody curious, I've started my diet with Dr. Phil's "Rapid Start Plan" (here is the link for the menu - pdf file). This plan fits my requirements perfectly. I completed the 14 days (with substitutions, I didn't follow the instructions to the "t" because some products just don't exist in Israel, so I had to look for similar foodstuffs). After that I continued eating 5 times a day, approximately at the same time, following the principles of the plan but allowing myself some pasta, potatoes, rice (in moderation of course). The main thing that I noticed is that I stopped overeating. I used to get seconds and thirds. I don't do that anymore.

I really hope that I can keep this up forever. I like being lighter too much, I feel and move differently, I can run up the stairs without getting winded. By the way, I don't exercise, apart from short dog-walks. Yes, I know, it's bad. But this is who I am. I guess if I exercised, I'd be 10 more pounds lighter by now. But I'm not after speedy weightloss, I'd rather do it slow and steady.

So tonight we're eating fish (sole fillets baked in 10% cream), green beans (a bit of butter in them) and nuked green peas with salt and pepper. Luckily the Husband loves vegetables and happily eats what I eat. Of course, I prepared a tub of pasta with vegetables that he can dip into whenever he wants. That would be off limits for me (unnecessary calories, who needs them). But next week on December 31st I'm going to pig out. Which is totally all right with me.

Have a great weekend, everybody!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Quilted Love

Oh yes, I got to get out of the house today and do some chores! A reason to dress in something other than knock-off Uggs and buy a decent cup of coffee!
My chores were not that interesting, but what a pleasant surprise - I got to take my own pictures in Zara again! By the way, the Zara seasonal sale has started a month early. Either that or they're just trying to get rid of some stock before the year's end, I don't know.
Anyway, here I am in my lovely lilac quilted jacket. I was so glad I wore something light, it was hot today. I put a scarf on in the morning butI had to rip it off my neck and stuff it in the bag. Luckily the bag was large enough.


Didn't buy anything at Zara, I prefer to wait and see, it usually pays off.

But H&M was a totally different story. Half of the merchandize was 50% off. I grabbed two items and went to the dressing rooms. And both items ended up going home with me. But first I had to take a picture of my outfit. Here is the jacket. Again.

These yellow pants have been on my radar for quite some time. They are much brighter in real life, more mustardy than here. And they went perfectly with my red and black houndstooth socks.

And this is item number two. So often I drooled onto my keyboard looking at bloggers in perfect leopard print coats. I have two almost good-enough leopard print coats already, but somehow I was still on the lookout for something better. Well, I found it today, at 50% off. Yes, I know, it's H&M, it's cheap, blah-blah-blah. But it fits me like a dream and the color is just right.

Trying to capture black stripes on the backs of the sleeves.

I'm happy.

And today's booties are courtesy of my Mom's. She said that they became uncomfortable for her to wear and offered them to me. I put them on with jeans, they looked all right. And then I rolled the jeans up and the booties "woke up". Not the usual silhouette for me but I found it interesting.

This is it, a whole post on clothes and shopping. Now I'm planning an outfit around those yellow pants using this as inspiration.

This is Veronica from Bittersweet Colors blog. She sure knows how to put colors together, go check her out.
I have a brown sweater but it's deep chocolate brown. Still, the idea is there, I just have to wait for another chance to go places.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Happy Holidays!!! (and last minute shopping)

Merry Christmas, everyone who celebrates it! (Jeez, we have to be so politically correct! But I prefer Merry Christmas to Season's Greetings!)
I give you an old picture of my tree, trust me, it looks the same this year. And the dog looks the same too :)
Today my friend and I met at the mall and had a nice breakfast together. And after that we went shopping. This is what I wore. My leopard trench (that coordinated with V's leopard blouse), H&M burgundy jeans and my fave sweater with chains.

I was buying presents for the Kid but couldn't resist a little something for myself at Zara.

Here it is, the "bowling bag with handles" in black. Actually I didn't know it existed in khaki, they only had it in black.

Other than the bag I got a cellphone for the Kid and this sweatshirt. Yes, I know it's women's shirt. But it has dinosaurs on it!!! I got the biggest size and I'm sure he can pull it off.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Pre-Christmas Days

Hard to believe that Christmas is two days away. I thought this year I'd be totally ready for it, but what do you know. I'm not. You see, in this household there is a fun tradition for the Kid. He gets presents twice - on Christmas day (Canadian heritage) and on New Year's Day (Russian heritage). When he was little, buying presents was easy. But now he only wants certain things. Like there are two computer games on his wishlist this year. I found one of them on ebay (and it hasn't arrived yet!!!!!) but the other one is not available. So I'm stuck with getting him some clothes (not a real gift by any stretch). Maybe I'll just get him a cellphone, I don't know.
Anyway, mental anguish aside, Kid and I went to see a play the other day, and it was a perfect chance to wear another one of my consignment shop finds. This burgundy thing by Elie Tahari. Since I bought it I lost some more weight (about 17 lbs weight loss in total, yeah!) and it fits a bit looser in the waist than I'd like to. But I love it just the same.

You cannot wear it as a dress on it's own, there are three snaps under those buttons and that's it, so you definitely need pants. I just went with the easiest all-black version. Big-ass earrings and bracelets, that was it for jewelry.

Looking at the pictures I see that the "dress" is a bit wide in the shoulders as well. I'll have to think what I can do about it. Maybe I'll just pin the sleeves up a bit myself.

Talking about sewing at home, I came up with new half-covers for the sofas. I bought a huge tablecloth, cut and hemmed it, and this is the result. The tablecloth came with six napkins which I successfully (in my opinion) turned into three cushion covers.

I've had the white cusions before. You can't use them on their own, the dog would turn them into "dog's breakfast" within a minute.

Apart from the usual tree (under usual constant attack from the cat) I decorated with fruit. There, bananas and mandarin oranges.

And now for my Christmas gift to myself. I finally bought some "grown up" cups. Got tired of the mismatched kiddy mugs that filled my cupboard. For some reason my family elected me the dumping ground for odd cups. I still keep those for the Kid and his friends, but these real porcelain cups are what I use now. Like a grown up. Yes.

The shop had only pink and blue ones, so we now have a his and hers version.

And the main event this season is the new TV. Our Christmas present to each other. Snooker gave it his stamp of approval.

And this is it, 32" screen, not huge but enough for our living-room size. HDMI and all. I used to laugh that with the old TV we were forever missing what was happening on the sides. Well, we're on it now.

Just noticed that the plastic cover is still on the frame. We're so classy!

Saturday, December 15, 2012


Talk about bad luck, just as I fixed my photo uploading problems, I got hit with a stomach virus that left me 2 kilograms lighter but totally worn out.

And just as I got better, the TV news hit me even harder. What happened in Connecticut is incomprehensible. I can't wrap my mind around it, I watched the news and couldn't breathe.

My prayers are with the parents of the murdered kids. God help us to never know what it's like!

Friday, December 7, 2012

Fuchsia Rules

During my involuntary break I realised that I missed my blog and taking my own pictures. And I felt weird leaving comments on the other blogs with that black "stop sign" instead of my profile photo.
I'm not sure if I fixed everything yet but I'm hopeful.
Anyway, in honor of the third anniversary of the Faux Fuchsia blog I'm wearing my new-to-me fuchsia coat that I "sourced" at my favorite second-hand store. As soon as I saw it I knew I had to have it.

I looked it up on the internet. Claude Havrey have a lovely selection of trench coats. Looks like they've been around for a while, I found lots of ebay listings for "vintage havrey". So I consider it a real score (even with the price tag of NIS 250 which is US 73-ish, not your normal thrift store price. Good thing I had some store credit).

The coat is spotless and in perfect condition.

And in the spirit of mixing high and low, I'm wearing my Dexter booties from Payless. I was looking for a comfy wedge bootie for rainy weather and I found it.

Second-hand finds that day included two other items that will appear on this blog eventually. In the meantime, I'm so happy to be back and I hope that it lasts.

Happy Friday, everybody.