Monday, January 4, 2010

Hot Weather Furs

First post in the new year. Second day of work.
I didn't take any pictures yesterday, because it was a sad day. Several days. For our whole town. But if I write about it here, I'll never be able to go back to my outfit posts, so I'll just say that I wore all black and had to go to a funeral.

So, today I wore something other than black. Gray and brown to be exact. And fur (not real). It's so warm outside, the radio keeps warning us that swimming in the Med is dangerous due to waves and stuff, not because it's January. If you suddenly woke up in Israel right now, you'd have thought it's late spring or something. Sweaty!!! But I work in an airconditioned office and I need to dress accordingly. Hence my thicker knit cardigan with a nice fur collar. Usually I wear it all zipped up, but today decided to leave it undone.

Here is the elevator shot.

And the kids room shot. Here you can see my new Chanel lippie purchased 2 weeks ago. It's from a limited collection and is called Maldives (Aqualumiere # 102). Great name. I love it, just as I love the eye-pencil from the previous limited collection, a dark-brown-purple called Demoniac (# 37). I bought two of those.

A close-up of the crinkly skirt and the Guess cowboy boots I got on ebay last year. If you wear this skirt with high-heeled boots, you get a totally different style. I'm thinking of another pair of Nine West boots that I haven't revealed on this blog yet. Give me time.

And the full shot taken in a store on the way to my car. It's a different store today. I don't want to bore you with Zara view of a fire-hose behind me (in every single photo). This is the local department store-chain called Mashbir.

After this I went to Super-Pharm to say hello to the girls at the cosmetics dept. First thing one of them tells me? "Oh, I wore this cardi on the new year's night!" You see, we're both from the same town and shop at the same local shop that belongs to my friend. Once there were three of us wearing the same shirt - that shop owner and two of us that came in to chat and browse. But I don't mind. We're not celebs at the Oscars. We can pull it off.


  1. You could have taken a triplet picture :) Love that jacket!

  2. That was before I got my camera-phone. But I'm sure we'll have plenty of opportunities to do that!

  3. Awesome outfit, Tanya! I love that long skirt with the cowboy boots.

  4. Thank you Sheila! It's nice to find an outfit that looks good and is extremely comfortable too :)