Wednesday, January 6, 2010

My Son the Cowboy

I've been meaning to show off my son's riding photos for quite some time. So while I don't have any outfit pictures today (working at home again), I'll post some photos taken by my lovely Paris cousin during her visit in September.

We love going to the ranch. It's totally different from the "other life" here. Good people, animals, trees, fields - good atmosphere. On Wednesdays we go there for Jack's lessons, and my Husband comes straight from work. He says the change is amazing. Brings him peace of mind. (Poor guy works in construction, it's like a war zone most of the time).

Here is Jack and Jojo, his favorite horse. Jojo is a relatively small horse (not a pony), very good-natured and eager to run. No need to wear spurs.

The ranch is next to a road. The horses are used to cars, but loud vehicles like quad-bikes (with crazy teenagers on them) can spook them. Jojo got spooked once but Jack handled it very well.

It's a tiny ranch. One large corral and two small ones. On good days the guys go out into the surrounding fields for trips. It breaks the routine.
Here is a shot of the stables. The horses are under the roof but it's an open stable. The weather in Israel allows it. Horses, cats, dogs, chickens. Classic isn't it?

Jack is part of a small group. Here they are. The last horse in line is Brandy, I used to ride him (and even posted a photo). Brandy is difficult, temperamental and extremely smart. You have to show him who's the boss. When I ride Brandy, he's usually the boss, and we always struggle. After riding Brandy my muscles ache for a week...

And the last photo says it all. Huge smile. As it should be.

We have a class tonight at 5:30. I better go chop up some carrots "for the lads".


  1. Just look at the smile on his face! He's in his element :) I enjoyed seeing these photos!

  2. I was hoping that you would! Thank you :)