Monday, October 25, 2010

The Coolest Find

Sometimes I feel like dressing in head-to-toe black. It helps me feel put together. Plus the weather cooled down just enough to wear a scarf (my neck was hot but I survived). I have lots of scarves but don't wear them enough.

Took my picture in the usual room at work, played with the camera to get a full length shot and in the process discovered that I'm much happier with the picture if I cut off my head. Headless photos are the way to go.

These are my bow-ballerinas. Bought them on sale at Max Moretti, wore them a couple of times, ran out of band-aids and took the shoes to be stretched. What a difference for just 5 bucks!

On the way home I stopped at the second-hand store in town. Shopping there is not exactly thrifting, the prices can be high, but they have some interesting stuff. My friend always buys dishes, cutlery and pictures. I, on the other hand, always check out clothes and accessories. And this time I struck gold. Look what was waiting for me in the shop!

A brand new leather purse by Ferragamo! With the packing tissue paper still inside. Apparently an English lady that lives in Israel received it as a gift (nice!) but it was not her style. Lucky me!

The bag is quite slim but I filled it up with my stuff in the store and it kept it's shape and still looked elegant.

I came home and bragged to my husband. He asked how much. I confessed. So he goes: "It's an investment. You'll have this purse till the day you die and you can even get buried with it if you want". I love his sense of humor!

So I took another picture of the bag amongst other pretty things. Then I put a dust-bag over it and hid it in the closet. That's where lots of things end up...


  1. thanks for de-lurking ;) the vintage Ferragamo!!! nice find!