Thursday, October 28, 2010

Fox Tail

This week I've been dressing for comfort. The shopping mall where I work decided to charge us for parking. I decided that I go there to work and make money, not throw it away on stupid things (I have enough "smart" purchases on my list, thank you!) It all started this week, so I've been parking on the neighboring streets and walking to work which included jumping over things and wading through gravel and sand. Hence no heels.

I took these pictures on Tuesday, and on Tuesdays I work from 8 am till 7 pm. It's a lo-o-o-ong day. But I was very comfortable in my skinny jeans and the oh so fashionable camel color tunic.

This tunic has a built in scarf. You can take it off but why would you? I think it's the best part.

And now I'm going to show you my childish side. What is this hanging off the bag? Is it Snooker's little brother? He certainly thinks it is and I have to hide it inside the bag when at home.

Everyone on the fashion internet was boasting vintage rabbit feet and fox tails, so I had to follow suit. I went on ebay. Everyone wanted to sell me A REAL FOX TAIL! I'm not a PETA activist, but sporting a real fox tail seemed a bit nasty to me. Overkill so to speak. In the end I managed to find this faux-fox-tail. Look, it even has cute little face and ears!

Here is a shot of my bag and a shoe (also an ebay find, Elie Tahari, comfortable 24-hour shoes). They match the bag perfectlywhich is a total accident.

Working 11-hour days you need something sweet to pick you up. At least I do. I try not to overdo the sweets, but this sweet cheese and apple tart was calling my name. Add a nice cup of latte and you're set for the day. Pardon the table setting. I was alone at the office and didn't fancy washing up. But I used a real spoon!

After such a long day I return home absolutely brain-dead. Hundreds of phone calls will do that to a girl. By the way, I don't like talking on the phone. How did I end up with this job where people are constantly calling for appointments?
And who greeted me at home? Scooby Do!!!!

This is a TV shot from "Scooby Do and the Samurai Sword". Kid can watch it 15 times a day. We have it recorded on Yes Max (local equivalent of Tivo or something like that). I love Shaggy and Scooby. "No mind is easy for us, our minds are always empty". Zoiks!

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