Monday, October 25, 2010

Hello Again!

Hi, it's me again.
Just coming out of hibernation that started at the end of April. Why did I stop writing? Lost inspiration, did not enjoy looking at my own pictures anymore, etc etc...
I missed blogging though. Seeing something unusual at work or in the street I often thought "It would be fun to write about it". But I never did. Guess I've always been "a reader, not a writer". But I kept reading my favourite blogs every day, so I know what you all been up to!!!
What happened during my hiatus? In more or less chronological order:
-I lost some weight... and then promptly gained it back.
-I had to bid farewell to my kitty Skanky - she started peeing all over my mother's furniture ( it came down to choosing between Mom and Cat, and the choice was obvious). We found Skanky a new home in a moshav nearby (the guy has a garden and said that she is welcome to pee wherever she wants outside).
-This has been the HOTTEST summer ever. October is almost over and still it's HOT HOT HOT.

Boomer spent the summer doing this:

And Snooker was not far behind:

All fashion sense pretty much went out the window. The skimpier the better. Some people had A\C 24 hours a day. I'm not that rich so we had fans. Lots of fans. One of them broke. I better stop now, it's a very sensitive subject for me (HATE HEAT. HATE SWEAT. Want to move to the North Pole. Or back to Canada!!!)

Anyway, happy to be here again. Will post some outfit photos soon. As fab FF once said, this is not a blog about world peace, people!

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