Monday, October 25, 2010

Oh The Silliness

Cats are fun. They are cuddly, sweet, nasty, playful, fluffy, demonic, smart, dumb... You get my drift. Look at this guy for example. He showed up at my doorstep about a year ago, asked to come inside, purred and licked my fingers. Since then he managed to enslave all of us and scare the crap out of 88 lbs dog. Snooker is the King of the Castle. Look at him lounging about posing for the camera.

The other day I heard his miaow and went to see what's going on. I finally looked up and what did I see?

This is the view from our balcony. The balcony is on the 3rd floor (I'm calling the ground floor first). So the roof would be the fourth. I'm standing under the newly constructed pergola that you can't see. Snooker is checking out the gutter where pigeons like to sit.

Then I heard a loud "boom". He landed on the pergola roof. Ran around there for some time. The husband left a gap between the roof edge and the wall for the hot air to escape. The main roof overhangs a bit so we're protected from the rain. The pergola is made of painted metal sheets.

After that Snooker went to the farthest outward corner of the pergola, twisted his body in an unthinkable way and jumped on the balcony floor. I didn't take that picture because I was hyperventilating and panicking that I was about to go scrape his body from the asphalt below.

I can just hope that he won't do it in the rain, the metal sheets would be slippery.

And what was Boomer doing all this time? Here is a glimpse from the "gallery" floor.

You can always rely on the dog to do the right thing.

Is this going to be a cat and dog blog? More material stuff next time.

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