Thursday, June 7, 2012

I Found Them!

I am talking about shoes (but of course!)

But first - my "ladies" tunic. Meaning it's a tunic with pictures of lovely ladies on it. It's a bit sheer but I love it anyway.

Just add jeans and - in this case - flats.

Actually, it's the flats I wanted to parade here. Plain black patent flats, right?

Not! There is nothing plain about them.

Remember those Zara sandals I was crying about? Here is the link. They are still on the website but not in shops as it was last winter collection. But I'm not crying anymore because I found these beauties in Caligula (local chain).

Comfortable and stylish, I say. The only drawback is that they are not leather. Oh well, I think I'll live.


  1. Those shoes are adorable - a nice twist on a black flat, worth the hunt for them!


  2. Oh and so comfortable and they go with everything. Sometimes I wonder why I keep buying new shoes when all you need is several versatile pairs like these... And then I see something pretty and the credit card jumps out on it's own...