Thursday, June 14, 2012

Of Cars and Pearls

This week I wore my pearls twice. I love pearls but sometimes they seem too dainty to wear. So I just piled them on. With a pale pink top and an ancient Mango skirt that I bought under the influence of InStyle magazine (they featured a dark blue skirt with gathered sides in their Instant Stylist section a while back).

This is me after a 15 min walk from the bus. Took a different bus and had to walk from the highway. It was invigorating, I might do the same tonight.

And here I mixed the pearls with a fat chain. I rattled a bit all day but enjoyed the look.

As I arrived at work yesterday, a surprise was waiting for me at the mall. The "Vintage Festival" has begun with a display of four really cool cars. I hang around for a bit and took pictures.

This is a 1942 Ford as you can see. Looks like it saw some action in Cyprus (see the photos).

This is an old Fiat station wagon, didn't remember which year. Looks very much like an early Russian made LADA 2102 but longer. The Russians must have used this design (Lada was basically a Russian Fiat).

1969 MG Roadster. Just add James Bond.

And the star of the show - 1965 Mustang 5.7. Oh My God (like Chandler used to say it). What a beauty!

I wonder if anybody ever drives this car!

Hopefully I see this horse again today.

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