Monday, June 25, 2012


I haven't blogged for a bit. Things have been unpleasant at work, they seem to have normalized a bit now but who knows. I haven't really been in the mood for taking my own pictures. And to put too much thought in my outfits. Or maybe the heat is making me lazy. Plus husband got laid off again. Back to the job search we go.

Anyway, don't want to complain and bore anybody too much.
Here are some of my past outfits. This white peasant top is nice but a bit shapeless. Good for the summer heat though.

This top will make a full circle if you spread it around. It's so nice to the touch.

Not quite office apparel but i put my work shirt over it and it was fine.

Love the view from above.

This was a nice outfit, can't remember which shoes I wore with it though.

And this is a lovely dress that fits me like a glove. But OMG, the fabric is so crappy! After one day it was full of snags in the front. But you can't really see them unless you get really close. But my husband doesn't like polkadots, so I won't be wearing this dress when we're going some place together. And nobody else will get close enough to see those pesky snags.

The great Zara end of season sale has started. I told myself that this is the only store I can spend some money this month. I already bought that very same pink coat that I poo-pooed in my earlier post... Sorry, pink coat, I love you and I welcome you in my wardrobe (and I'm grateful for the reduced price).

There are some other things I'd like to get, like a certain blouse that I can't find on their site, will have to take a picture tomorrow (it it's still available). The sale will be going on for at least a month with extra price reductions every Thursday. Lots of shoes there but nothing caught my eye as yet. Correction: those heels that I like are really uncomfortable. And the other stuff is not for me. Ah, just as well  asI don't have free money aroung these days.

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