Monday, June 4, 2012

Couple of Days in Haifa

The weekend (or rather pre-weekend) was OK, even though you cannot call it a vacation. The first day was filled with seminars and lectures. And it was boring. If I hear words "customer service" one more time I'm going to kill somebody.

They starved us till 9 p.m. - all we had was coffee and pastries. The so called lunch consisted of picked and salty fish, sliced veggies and some cheese. It was pathetic, I guess the company tried to save money. So we pigged out at dinner - barbeque and stuff.

This was our hotel.

This dress was my show-off piece for the day.

My partner and I have a reputation to uphold - we are among the better dressed in the company.

I got lots of compliments.

We got a huge room on the 12th floor just for the two of us. Too bad we spent maybe an hour in it (I don't count the night of course).
Large living-room.

The hallway.

Master bedroom.

Spare bedroom.

The best view one can dream of. Even lying in bed you could look at the sea.

Not sure what those columns are... Not the best spot to look at.

This is much better.

Went for a walk in the evening. Saw some nice buildings. This one is a bar.

And this is their floor. There is an ancient wine cellar under it. Didn't photograph well but it looks really cool.

My outfit for the evening. We were told to wear comfortable shoes, so I went for my leopard flats with the floral pants a-la Olivia Palermo.

 Kind of...

photo from Fab At Any Age

And this is what I wore in the morning for breakfast and trip back home.

Went back to work yesterday and wore my red Zara dress with more leopard shoes. Flats for the road.

Heels for the office.

Here they are. Both comfortable and fun.

Picture-heavy post, I know.
Have a great week everyone!

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