Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Still Here

I've had a nasty week at work. Middle management is getting up our behind (mine and my partner's). We've had "talks", we corresponded with the higher management, we were expecting (and at this stage really hoping for) our pink slips. But no such luck. Turned out that it was a storm in a teacup. Too bad, I was ready for a change.

Anyway, I kept taking pictures. This is something from last week, not sure when but then, it's not really that important. What's important is that the fuchsia color helped to get my spirits up.

No heels that day. I found these cute slippers in Zara, not that expensive (not leather) but so sweet. They also had them in black with silver studs, but I picked these and I've already worn them a couple of times.

This is my Lancel scarf that I don't wear often enough. It helped to conceal the sheerness of the top (Zara again, one of their basic cheese-cloth-like t-shirts).

In the meantime, we got new shirts for the job uniform. Nice color and the cut is not so bad. Too bad I get bored wearing the same thing over and over again. When I started this job, there was no uniform and it was a huge plus. Then it all changed...

The top wrinkles (of course) and it's half polyester. This fabric doesn't breathe easy.

Oh well, on a happier note, tomorrow the company is organizing a... Not sure. It's not exactly a symposium, not exactly "corporate retreat". Basically, all the company personnel gathers at a hotel where we sit through seminars and listen to a lot of talking till about 5 p.m. Then they give us hotel room keys, we go freshen up or whatever. Dinner and something in the evening (a walk, a disco etc). Then we get together in somebody's room, drink, chat and have real fun. Next day breakfast, couple of meetings (more talking) and go home. What do you call this thing?

Anyway, the most important part of the symposium (we'll call it that) is What Am I Going To Wear?
I have my outfits planned, just have to pack my overnight bag and finish up some translations (Up yours, Kenny Powers! Last episode of the show).

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