Monday, May 14, 2012

Blue Mint

The Summer is finally here. No, this is not a happy note for me, I much prefer anything other than israeli summer. But there is not much I can do but make the most of it. Meaning, wear nice summer clothers and pretend you're not sweating like a pig. What do they say? Ladies don't sweat, they glow. Aha.

Anyway, this is my pretty tiered top in a lovely blue-turquoise color and wooden beads. 

I wore my white blazer when in airconditioning.

The top adds volume which is unfortunate, but I love the color and the style so much, I decided to ignore it. Wore the top with my H&M mint jeans and Christian Siriano for Payless patent navy and turquoise peeptoes.

Wanted to take a picture of the colors but the mint looks really washed out here.

Had a bad day at work. Which happens too often lately. Maybe I should take a hint and go hunting... We'll see.


  1. Love the mint jeans! I am wearing Revlon 'Minted' on my nails at the moment. I know what you mean about the ruffly tops, I have one too and wear it anyway, I think with the skinny jean the volume of the top is totally fine. You look great!


    1. Thank you so much! Feeling great seeing those colors on myself really helped me through a nasty day.