Friday, May 11, 2012

Pink Week

For some reason I've been very tired this week. Probably still trying to shake off the bronchitis. So no heels again this week. And unusual color combinations, at least for me. This is my Wednesday outfit - green and pink. See, I'm on my break, in Zara, taking my picture. Jeans, top, jacket, bag.

And here I am going back upstairs. With a newly bought Zara metallic scarf. It jumped off a hook and wrapped itself around my neck, all on it's own.

By the time I came home from work, I was ready to fall on the couch and watch Prime Suspect or In Plain Sight or whatever else I had on my "playlist" that night.

But first I took a picture of the top. I really like the birds. This top is from Zara, I got it on sale for almost nothing. The fabric is really soft. The next round of Zara end of season sale will start at the end of June and will last for at least a month. I'll be looking for jewels like this one.

This week I had to go to Ashdod for my kid's school thing. And a trip to Ashdod means a visit to the MAC store. I needed mascara and top coat (MAC has this great topcoat, it's called Overlaquer, it dries really fast and stays shiny for days. Recommend!)

I also had six empty boxes and lipstick containers, so back to MAC they went. I picked up my free lipstick and added another one to the mix. Here they are - Pink Nouveau and Impassioned. I love them both. MAC lipsticks are great, much better than Chanel in my opinion (please don't kill me).

And the nail polish I was talking about - Lovie-Dovie by Essie. I'll wear it next week.

I took some pictures of myself yesterday but they turned out too fuzzy. Oh well, the outfit included H&M snake jeans and golden flats. Next time.

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