Saturday, May 14, 2011

Sergeant Stripes

No, I'm not the most consistent blogger in the blogosphere...

Another month has gone by and I haven't posted anything. Of course, I could blame it on "The Wire" that is finally done and I've had about a week to recover, clean the house like it should be cleaned, order a new fridge, order a new computer...

My war with the fridge is finally over. It was supposed to be a No Frost experience. Instead for the last 3 - 4 years I had to defrost it every 6 months, then every 3 months, then every month. It sucked, people! So last Friday I broke down and paid for a spanking new Sharp fridge with 7 year-warranty on the motor. Delivery is scheduled for the coming Wednesday. So what did my old fridge do? It got pissed off and stopped working. Good thing my parents live downstairs and I just moved all my food to their fridge.

Can't wait for Wednesday!

I leave you with my stripey outfit I wore sometime this month.
I got a lot of compliments on the scarf from our elderly customers.

It was one of those non-elegant days.

Three Ways Inspiration

The Blogger hiccup kicked me out of circulation for another 4 days of so. Of course, my posts are short and simple, and there's not much material there to retype. But when you spend hours on end working on your computer, once you finished work the last thing you want to do is spend more time on the annoying slow ancient PC (it's about 6 years old, a real pensioner).

So here is my last Thursday thing. Inspired by InStyle magazine. It's from their "Three Ways" feature. I opened the mag and immediately thought: Cool, I already have this tunic! No need to spend extra.

Here is what they wrote about Look # 1: White skinny jeans make a lean counterpoint. Ground the look with earth-toned accessories, such as a beaded necklace and woven sandals.

I don't own any woven sandals but brownish flats seemed like a good choice, especially because I had to do some running around that day.

So here is my version:

I got this top last spring for peanuts (about 16 bucks). I would never think to pair it with white. Thank you, InStyle, for the idea.

I got this bracelet at the artisan fair (I hope that's what you call it) at the shopping mall where I work. Every Tuesday I have to close my eyes as I ran to the car. Temptations on every corner.

Diagonal elevator shot to show off my new haircut. It's a bit fuzzy from the humidity as I just walked in from the heat. I find that Frizz-Ease works the best for my hair but have you seen the price of it lately? I mean, in Israel? It's NIS 99 (like 26 USD!!!) I remember the drugstore product prices in Canada and feel like weeping.

Next on my list is something yellow. Maybe I'll start with a bright sunny scarf, I don't know.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Thanks, Blogger!

I wrote a new post last night. Nothing overly special, but I put some effort into it. You know.


And I can't redo it now because I have to work!


Sunday, May 8, 2011

My Lady Dragons

Funny, I wanted to name this post "Great minds think alike" but this title was already taken by WendyB for her Sunday blog post. But Wendy was talking about vintage checkered sunglasses. And I would like to talk about something completely different, that is Vivienne Westwood Anglomania + Melissa Hart Lady Dragon shoes. And I didn't just steal the idea from Pearl who wrote about the very same shoes in her Saturday post. Because this is what I bought and wore last Thursday.

Look, I'm a proud owner of the Lady Dragons in black!

I saw them in a shop called Factory 54 which carries all kinds of stuff, designer "leftovers" so to speak, at slightly reduced prices among other things. I saw the shoes, I thought about them for about a week, and then decided that I had to have them.

So Thursday, when I start work at 12:00, I stopped at the shop on the way to the office. The shoes were still there, I tried them on, bought them and changed in the car (couldn't walk out of the shop in them as I had to take off all kinds of stickers first).

I knew I was going to buy them, so I built my outfit to match the future shoes. And it worked I think.

Of course, nothing is perfect, and the shoes are a tad too big, maybe half a size or so. But I can work with that.

They have little bows as you can see. And such a comfortable heel. Though I might have to play around with clear inserts just to make them fit a bit better (so my foot sits farther back). Or not.

The sitting on the table shot, as usual. Here you can see my turquoise necklace, a birthday gift from BFF.

One more pic of the shoes. Swoon! They'll go with so many things!

And some eye-candy saved for last. It's my birthday Tignanello purse. It's less pink and more fuchsia in real life, like in the first picture.

See how little we need to be happy! At least for a day.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Total Rip Off

Lots of fashion bloggers write about getting inspired by fashion mags and other bloggers. I wrote about it too and tried to recreate the outfits I liked the best. Other times I see something I liked, say pair of shoes, and go to ebay in hopes of buying exactly same thing. It happened a couple of times. But here I'd like to present "and now for something completely different" case. Which is what you do while suffering from total lack of imagination.

A sale in the shop also helps.

Here is a page from the "Jump" catalog.
Interesting skirt, lightweight flowy blouse.
So what's a girl to do?

Easy! Just buy both items on sale (two for the price of one) and wear them together!

My blouse has white buttons which I prefer. And it required a camisole underneath, which I already had. Throw in some heels and you're done.

Pearls seemed to be the obvious jewelry choice for this outfit. Oh so breezy and light!

Goofy face included.

These are my extreme pointy shoes from some years ago. The color matched the skirt, and they are super comfortable.

I got this shirt from the same catalog. But the model is wearing it with tight white shorts. So I'll have to think of something else to wear.

Do you ever copy shopping catalogs in full?