Sunday, September 27, 2009

Comfort zone

Jeans: Mango
Belted top: Olivia (on the label it says New York-Milano, but I suspect it's a better quality chinese export. Who cares, it's silky, lightweight and perfect for this time of year)
Flats: Zara
Beige bag in the background: Charter Club
Golden hoops and a bunch of golden-color bracelets.

I was alone at the office today, so I dressed mostly for comfort. Good thing that I had to work till 11:30, it's eve of Yom Kippur, short day for everyone. Bo-oring! I had 3 phonecalls and one person walked in to get something. Totally unproductive day!

On the way to the car I bought DiorShow mascara, my fave. They had 15% off make-up, I clenched my teeth and didn't buy anything else. So proud of myself!

Got home, changed into something a bit more comfortable for running around the "village" and went out for groceries. See, this would be considered dressing up where I live.
Turquoise top: Opera
Denim clamdiggers
Flip-flops: Kenneth Cole Reaction (with the same color inserts like the top). These are the most comfortable flops on Earth! I walk the dog in them for hours. Highly recommend.

Tomorrow is a day of total rest. We'll see... Kid rearranged the living-room today, wanted to make it look more like a coffee-shop. He surprises me every day :)

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