Monday, September 28, 2009

This how do you call it, atonement day (ouf, my english is getting worse and worse) made me think about Goya and his maja desnuda. I don't know why all these "pardon me" days usually provoke the most unappropriate thoughts of the most obscene character. I just remembered the story of Goya and la duquesa de Alba. And with a glass of a nice table wine (or even) two, this idea has given that shot.

As for pics, go to explore FlicR- it's a social event and I have even found a conference in the EHESS (one of the most prestigious french institutions) about the function and the role of this site in the history of photography. It's like a drug, you cannot stop admiring the art works of all those genious on the site.

So how was your meal today? Any special menu to beg him pardon?


  1. OT but I saw your comment on Sher's Fashion After Forty blog. If you like the Francis dresses -- well, I'm 5'4" too! Keep an eye on the photos because lengths this fall and next spring are a little lower than last spring. I have pix of a super-tall girl in them too and the length isn't bad on her at all...that will be coming up on the Francis blog soon.

  2. Wendy,thanks so much for being the first commenter on our blog!!! Even if it's OT. I'll definitely follow the photos which should be easy because I read your Francis blog. By the way, I tried to vote for you but the page keeps loading with errors. I'll keep trying and hope you win.