Monday, September 28, 2009

The day of rest

Last night and all day today the whole country observed Yom Kippur or the Day of Atonement. What it means in practical terms: nothing works. No shops, no cars, no public transportation, airplanes don't fly, most TV channels don't work, you're not supposed to eat, drink, wash, exchange money, use the phone, smoke, cook... What else... And everything else. It's a simplification of course, and I'm not going to go into details here. Religious spend most of this day at the temple. Who knows what people do behind closed doors - that's their business. Most interesting is what you see in the streets. Children take over. The streets are flooded with kids on bicycles, rollerskates, skateboards, scooters and just running around.

This is the "village square". Usually filled with cars and delivery vans.

This road is busy everyday of the year. Today it is open for cyclists of all ages.

This roundabout is never so peaceful. But last night it was so quiet we could hear jackals calling in the persimmon trees in the background.

The Kid went riding his scooter last night and twice today. But now it's dark, cars returned to the roads, Kid is asleep. And the scooter is asleep - till same time next year.

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