Wednesday, September 30, 2009

New guy in the house

We have pets. Hang on, let me show you.

This is Boomer. He's the oldest, he's five. He used to be the size of his head when we got him. We love him to bits.

This is three year old Skanky (Husband picked the name). She's a garbage cat, found weighing less than 400 g (much less than a pound).
Dog protested for a couple of days but now they're best friends.
Look. This is last winter.

But two days ago this little ghost showed up at our doorstep. He looks about 2 months old, pure white except for pink ears and orange eyes. Another garbage cat, we have lots of those in the neighborhood. He came up to the front door and asked to let him in. So I did. And I gave him a bath. And this is what we've got now.

Meet Prince (as in "the artist formerly known as...) You may say that he doesn't look like The Prince. But the personality fits.

So now Skanky is in shock! All you hear in the house is hissing and spitting when these two cross paths. But Boomer has been great. Accepted little Prince right away. I'm so proud of him (please don't kill me, I'm now always this sucky I promise).

And to finish this centimental post is my outfit photo. This is how I went to my Kid's horseriding class:
Dress: Zara
Boots: Guess via ebay
Belt: my friend's shop
Angie at youlookfab posted about wearing boots with bare legs and it gave me an idea. People at the ranch liked it. Must be the "disco" cowboy boots.


  1. Aww the new kid on the block. He is so cute! Love the pattern on your dress. And a refreshing idea to wear a dress to a riding lesson. No one around my old stable would have. Except for a barn dance. :)

  2. Thank you Sher! It was like a barn dance for me, hanging on to the fence and yelling all kinds of encouragements. I'll post some pictures of him riding later.