Friday, September 25, 2009

The outfit saga begins

Here it is, the first outfit post. Pinstriped skirt: Mango, striped shirt: Bravo, heels by Heyraud, belt from Turkey. I've always avoided belts, but now after reading lots of fashion blogs (haven't learned how to link yet) and looking at InStyle I decided to give it a try.
Stuck a red flower pin a la Justin from Home Heist to match the red bits on the shoes.
This was my work outfit. I go to the office only twice a week and don't get to "dress up" every day.

And in the evening I wore this to take my kid to the "Young vets club". Denim skirt from a small shop, altered to look more "pencil", top: Opera, flats: Nine West, yellow bag: Tignanello. Kid took my picture with the cellphone, sorry it's a bit fuzzy. Maybe we should enroll in the "Young photographers club" too. Oh well, next year.

Lesson learned: It's a great idea to photograph yourself, even if you don't have a blog. You can see yourself better than in the mirror and get a better idea about the proportions of your body and how to work with what you've got.

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