Friday, October 19, 2012

Animal News

A short non-human post just because I love them and I cannot stress enough how important these guys are in our lives.
First of all, here is a better shot of Norman with a "full blown" beard. He is trying to scare off the cat. Snooker has been stalking Norman on and off ever since we brought him home.

And I just had to take this picture late at night. Look at that gut!!! Someone's been eating salad!
By the way, his neck is resting on the stick and his butt and tail are on the ladder but there is nothing supporting him in the middle. Must be comfortable.

And here is "The Balcony Standoff" that happened this morning. My guys against the Neighbor's Red. The Red was making really indecent noises, he was about to wake up the whole neighborhood, so in the end I had to threaten him with a broom and he ran off. Snooker was so pissed off, he had to go walk it off on the roof of the house. And Boomer just went back to sleep.

These are the latest animal news from The Ville.
Have a great weekend, everybody.

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