Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Burgundy Overload

Warning, this is a picture heavy post. We finally had a sprinkling of rain and I just had to wear my burgundy top. I bought it at H&M over a month ago but up to now it's been too hot to wear it.
Anyway, I wore it twice already to compensate for the delay. And this is what I came up with so far.
Here it is, worn with brown pants and golden Hush Puppies. And the Rebel lipstick from MAC.

Never mind the pile of clothing in the background, I finally put away some of my summer tops. Wishful thinking really, it's still hot over here.

I'm glad I sized up when buying this top. My usual size was a bit snug in the shoulders.

Got this necklace at Zara not so long ago, I love it.

Another shot of my leopard bag. I's a bit "hairy" so not a summer bag. I'll have to wear the hell out of it in the winter.

And this is what I wore yesterday. I met up with my friend from ex-work. We had breakfast and a stroll around the shops. I wore the same top with my dalmatian print H&M skirt. And finally wore my Ivanka Trump shoes. They are very comfortable.

By the way, last time I wore this skirt it was too tight. Not this time. I managed to lose about 6 pounds over last three weeks and the skirt fit perfectly. I'm sticking to my food plan!

And what is that pretty bag, you ask? I found it at the usual secondhand store on Sunday. I think it's vintage but it's new with labels.

Here are the labels (the picture went sideways for some reason). They don't look overly modern.

I tried to look this company up on the internet but couldn't find a thing. Plus it doesn't say "made in Israel", it says "Holyland". I haven't seen labels like this in local stores. Maybe it was made outside of the Green line, who knows.

Anyway, this is a beautiful bag. Not too roomy but oh so stylish. Perfect to dangle off a lady's arm.

I'll be home for the next two days, working away. I have a cold and all I want to do is snuggle up in bed with Snooker. Maybe I'll do that later.

Wishing everyone who's on the Sandy's path to be safe, warm and dry.


  1. Wow that Ostrich bag is an awesome op shop find!! And stop wearing the Dalmatian skirt - I can't find one in Oz and it is making me jealous!!!! I love it with the burgundy top too :) L xx

    1. Hey, I didn't see these skirts in H&M anymore, otherwise I'd get one for you! What is your size, just in case?

  2. That is a GORGEOUS bag. I just love it.

    Nice to see you again, Tanya!

    1. Hi Sheila and thank you!
      I've always been there, I just don't comment much..:(