Sunday, October 21, 2012

Happy Fridge

There won't be any outfit pictures today. I've been home all day translating. I'm wearing H&M snake print dress which I bought in size L. Should have bought size M. You get the idea.
No, today I want to share something I discovered over a year ago. Look at these pretty "fresh pods" from the Canadian company Joie. I have all of them except the strawberry pod, I missed that one but I'll get it as soon as I hunt it down. I didn't order them online, I saw them in a shop and grabbed immediately.

Since then lots of my friends and relatives either bought these pods or expressed a wish to have them which made a task of finding them birthday or Christmas gifts much easier.

So I have the pods for onions, tomatoes, avocados, bell peppers and lemons. Bell pepper pod also comes in green or red, and there is a lime pod in dark green.

Why do I like them so much? Three reasons. First of all, you open the fridge and see all these boxes, it's like a party in there.

Second of all, you never have to search for your veggie leftovers because you see them right away.

And the third and a very important reason. Your fridge doesn't smell like onion. This little guy keeps all the smells contained.

I did not receive any endorsement from the company (to tell you the truth, I wouldn't even know how to get one). I just wanted to share something that I like so much.

Here is the link to the Joie Shop. These little pods are in the Novelties section and in my opinion they are not expensive (they are pricier here in Israel but then I don't pay the shipping costs and get instant gratification).

Great stocking stuffers, don't you think?

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