Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Green and Brown

A short trip to the supermarket felt like green and brown to me with a white buttondown thrown in. Last year I went crazy at H&M and bought several pairs of jeans in different colors. And this year I'm not wearing them nearly enough.

The combination of green pants, white shirt and a leopard belt was declared classic by the fashion internet. Who am I to disagree?

I've had this shirt for ages and I still love it even though it requires ironing. I don't really like ironing but my love for the shirt wins every time.

And here is my little watch dog cat. My parents fridge in the downstairs kitchen is his favorite spot. He can see what's going on inside and outside, the window is to his right (just off his butt. I'm explaining it because I have a problem with left and right and had to stop and think for a moment...)

Going to Rehovot tomorrow so there is a fair chance of Zara photographs. Hopefully that's the only thing that I bring home from Zara.

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