Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Hot Weather, Purim and a Furry Vest

It seems like the winter is over. The other day I went to do some chores and wore this tunic. It's quite thin with 3/4 sleeves. By the time I got to the mall I was huffing and puffing from overheating. It was crazy.

So I went into Zara (as seen in the picture above) and went straight to their sale tables. This must be the last week of the sale, the stuff was just piled on high and people were digging in it, clothes everywhere. Anyway, I dug in as well and found a nice black knit top with short sleeves and some applique on one shoulder. I bought it, then went to my former office, changed in one of the rooms, and then I could breathe and have a coffee with V. We had a laugh about possible hot flashes but it was nothing like that, it was totally the freaky weather's fault.

Anyway, I left the office looking like that. I must admit, if I had to choose one look that I love the most, I'd pick something like this. Black all over, bright topper, high heels, nice bag.

Tried to take a picture of the "black all over" but it didn't work.

A marginally better shot of the top.

I'm in love with this bag. And these are my new Christian Siriano booties from Payless. Not that I needed another pair of black booties but it would be stupid not to buy them at that price. Plus I could wear them with dresses as they are a bit shorter than all my other ones.

We've just had the Purim holiday over here. There was a parade of kids in costumes last Friday, I took a couple of photos from the balcony.

And another one of my ebay purchases arrived. The furry Zara vest as modelled here by my husband.

What do you see first, the quaint teacup or his tattoo?

Of course, it's too hot now to wear it. Maybe in the evening.


  1. Love those booties you got at Payless!

  2. Hi Marie! Thank you so much. They are surprisingly comfortable (though I wouldn't call them my new hiking boots)!