Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Hot Weather, Purim and a Furry Vest

It seems like the winter is over. The other day I went to do some chores and wore this tunic. It's quite thin with 3/4 sleeves. By the time I got to the mall I was huffing and puffing from overheating. It was crazy.

So I went into Zara (as seen in the picture above) and went straight to their sale tables. This must be the last week of the sale, the stuff was just piled on high and people were digging in it, clothes everywhere. Anyway, I dug in as well and found a nice black knit top with short sleeves and some applique on one shoulder. I bought it, then went to my former office, changed in one of the rooms, and then I could breathe and have a coffee with V. We had a laugh about possible hot flashes but it was nothing like that, it was totally the freaky weather's fault.

Anyway, I left the office looking like that. I must admit, if I had to choose one look that I love the most, I'd pick something like this. Black all over, bright topper, high heels, nice bag.

Tried to take a picture of the "black all over" but it didn't work.

A marginally better shot of the top.

I'm in love with this bag. And these are my new Christian Siriano booties from Payless. Not that I needed another pair of black booties but it would be stupid not to buy them at that price. Plus I could wear them with dresses as they are a bit shorter than all my other ones.

We've just had the Purim holiday over here. There was a parade of kids in costumes last Friday, I took a couple of photos from the balcony.

And another one of my ebay purchases arrived. The furry Zara vest as modelled here by my husband.

What do you see first, the quaint teacup or his tattoo?

Of course, it's too hot now to wear it. Maybe in the evening.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Green and Brown

A short trip to the supermarket felt like green and brown to me with a white buttondown thrown in. Last year I went crazy at H&M and bought several pairs of jeans in different colors. And this year I'm not wearing them nearly enough.

The combination of green pants, white shirt and a leopard belt was declared classic by the fashion internet. Who am I to disagree?

I've had this shirt for ages and I still love it even though it requires ironing. I don't really like ironing but my love for the shirt wins every time.

And here is my little watch dog cat. My parents fridge in the downstairs kitchen is his favorite spot. He can see what's going on inside and outside, the window is to his right (just off his butt. I'm explaining it because I have a problem with left and right and had to stop and think for a moment...)

Going to Rehovot tomorrow so there is a fair chance of Zara photographs. Hopefully that's the only thing that I bring home from Zara.

Monday, February 18, 2013

In Good Company

Ever since the first time I saw these sunglasses on Helena of Brooklyn Blonde, I've been planning to get my hands on a pair. Karen Walker's Number One. I'd never heard of Karen Walker before that. But suddenly I saw them on fashion blogs everywhere.
Here are some examples of what I was looking at.


Today, after I complained in my previous post that the snailmail is killing me and I'm not getting the stuff I ordered on ebay, I finally received a certain little package from Australia. And in that package was a certain black case with a silver arrow on it. A telltale sign of things to come.

Yes, I am a proud owner of Karen Walker's Number Ones in tortoise.


Now if only two other things I ordered on ebay could hurry up and get here, I'd be happy. For awhile at least. Or so I hope.

Furred and Cuffed

I really love the new (for me) trend with fur stoles / collars just thrown over coats or blazers. I've looked at faux furs in various stores but didn't love what I saw. That is, until I visited my fave secondhand store. They had a bunch of stoles on display for peanuts (like 8 bucks each) and two of those went home with me. Here is one of them, worn over my Zara grey swing coat. 

Of course, as I entered the mall (had the usual breakfast date with my girl V), I took it off and stuffed it in the bag.

I wore my faux leather leggings and an oversize sweater, which served as a perfect background to show off my HRH Collection Original Cuff necklace (thank you, Alex).

This is the best photo of the necklace that I came up with. Photographer of the year I'm not...

I'm still waiting for two more ebay items to arrive. Gosh, why does it take so long?

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Family Gathering

Went to my aunt and uncle's yesterday for dinner, it was a celebration of the newly born frenchbaby. The baby and his Mom were there via Skype and much fun and food was had
I wore a red dress. Consider this a belated Valentine's OOTD. 

I snuck into the bedroom to take my photo. Weird expression but pretty good makeup (trust me, it looked better in person). And the dress collar is visible. This golden cat was the main reason I got the dress.

Here is a close up of the cat and my earrings.

We came home and collapsed. I think I ate my own weight in everything that was there - delicious dinner, thank you, auntie.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Leather Pants

First of all, I'm a new auntie! My lovely cousin who lives in Paris just had a baby boy yesterday! Yay, baby M!!!
I posted my photo wearing these leather pants at the end of December. You can't really see but the legs are quite wide which seemed dated to me. So what did I do? Took them in to be altered.


I think they did a pretty good job with one drawback. There are small bulges just above my knees, it must be the spots marking the beginning of the new seams. Other than that, I prefer the pants as they are now.

I wore them yesterday with my Zara trench that fits much better now (hey, did I mention I lost all the 10 kg that I was hoping to lose? It's all about maintenance now, but if I lose anymore weight I won't complain). Leopard scarf and bag completed the look.

There, you can see those bulges again. But then, I'm not standing still all the time, and when I move around you can't see anything.

Now I have my straight leg leather pants. And some skinny faux leather pants that I bought in Zara in size L!!! Yes, I'm excited about size L! No way I'd fit in them 4 months ago.  Oh, and to congratulate myself I bought this bag as well. Photos from Zara site.

It's faux leather but oh so soft, and I love the blush pink color. A perfect summer bag.
Zara, you're killing me!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Nowhere To Go...

Yes, that was me yesterday. All dressed up and so on. I had to go get my leather pants from tayloring (more on that later). I went with all-beige and navy, featuring a vintage Louis Feraud top that I found in the secondhand store. It has yellow and orange flowers with some navy bits, so navy bag came out to play.

The top is million percent synthetic and it was static electricity galore, especially when I removed the blazer that has synthetic lining. But who cares, look at the colors!

After a successful morning (the pants fit, they did a great job) the evening didn't go as planned. I was supposed to drive to Kid's school for a parents' meeting. Well, the Husband got stuck in traffic. Normally it takes him about an hour to get home. Yesterday it took three hours. So I finally got the car 10 minutes before the above mentioned meeting ended.

This is what I was going to wear to school. Basic black and grey, silver accessories.

This sweater reminds me of JCrew ones I saw online. It cost me about 20 bucks and it might even last a few seasons.

I finally got the first of my three ebay purchases. It's this YSL Rouge Volupte in #30. A perfect daytime nude lipstick. I'm always searching for perfect nude lip colors (and the elusive perfect jeans), and I got the idea to try this from HRH Collection's Alex -here is the link to her Youtube video.

This photo was taken last night with the lights on.

And this is today in the daylight. Slap a lipgloss on it and you're done.

Hopefully the other stuff I ordered gets here soon. I can't wait!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Quick Coat Change

Have you ever left your house in one coat and returned wearing another? I did that today. Went out wearing my trusty old grey long jacket that I've had since maybe 2006 or 2007. I haven't worn it for a while but now it fits just right again. Grey jacket, a lighter grey sweater and booties and burgundy pants. Nice color combination. Mind you, looking at the pictures, I should have let the pants go over the boots a little bit, not tuck them in. Oh well, that's why we take our own photos, to see what works and what doesn't.

This necklace drove people crazy today. An SA at one of the shops actually grabbed it (while it was on me) squealing how beautiful it was. Don't worry, this kind of behaviour is completely normal in this country. People come up to other people's babies, grab their cheek and say "Oh, you co cute". It drove me nuts.

I love attention like lots of other women, especially when other women admire your style, but it was a bit much...

But the necklace is pretty. And it has mixed silver and gold tones, which makes it easier to match with other things.

Having finished my chores I arranged to meet up with my Mom at the mall. While I was waiting, I happened to be browsing Zara sales racks (the sale is still going strong, it's been over a month already!) and found this lovely swing thing.

I took my long jacket off and took it to dry cleaners. And continued to wander about the mall in my new coat. I was going to take it to dry cleaners at the end of the season but I didn't feel like carrying two coats with me. Saved myself a trip later and got to enjoy my new purchase. Instant gratification is my second name.

The coat is a bit shaggy, just like my pink Zara jacket. I'll have to give it a haircut.

An added bonus - the coat matched my jeans perfectly thanks to the reddish specks.

I'm on the verge of subjecting myself to a limited shopping experience. I know that a full shopping ban would never hold up, I'm just being realistic. But this behaviour needs to be limited. To one purchase a week maybe. We'll see. Then I'll be able to post about my "purchase of the week". Not a bad idea. And I'm still waiting to receive three things that I bought online (the shipping takes about 2-3 weeks for each item). And to get my leather pants from the taylor's (the trouser-legs are being narrowed). There's a lot of good stuff coming my way, materially speaking, and I'm looking forward to that.

Have a great day, everyone.