Thursday, July 10, 2014

Cosmetics Run

I went out today for a couple of hours with a clear thought in mind - need some Clarins skincare.
I wore the only jumpsuit that I have - it's sleeveless and easily slips on and off in case I have to use a bathroom somewhere. I had to cut off my makeup-free face in order not to scare anyone who might stumble upon it on the internet...

Maybe this jumpsuit is not quite age appropriate but it is definitely weather appropriate. The temperatures have reached the "I don't care" stage.

My sliders have become more comfortable after the third or fourth wear.

I bought Clarins purifying mask, hydrating mask, day cream and the very much hyped double serum. I'm going to finish all the creams that I have left and then start my new regimen. But I can say that after all the stuff the SA put on my face today at the shop, my skin feels very nice.

And I just got a message that there is more translation work coming my way. That's great news!

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