Monday, July 7, 2014


We are back from our Marmaris holiday. Actually, we returned a week ago but I had so much to do and organize that only got to downloading my photos now. 

The trip started with a hiccup and it was extremely annoying. First of all, we had to fly via Istanbul as there are no direct flights. So instead of flying once for 40 min we had to fly for 2 hours and then another hour flight which was delayed. We got to the Dalaman airport and found out that my suitcase didn't make it to destination. While sorting out the lost luggage business, we missed our bus to Marmaris and had to wait for the next one scheduled for 2 am. Here is a very blurry image that I posted on Instagram. My exhausted son and husband. I was no better.

My suitcase was delivered in the evening of the second day. Good thing that the husband could wear my Kid's clothes. But I was stuck with jeans and one tank top in over 40 C degree heat. 

Actually, I could have packed half of what I took with me. I didn't wear my pretty dresses as it was way too hot. Denim shorts and sleeveless tops is all I could weather.

The main reason for our visit was my FIL's 80 birthday party. But before that we celebrated my Kid's 15th birthday. This is the view from the Pineapple restaurant in the marina.

And this is the birthday boy's dinner. This plus a tub of french fries of course.

We stayed at our friend's house that had a nice and cool swimming pool. Here it is, all decorated for the party.

M has lots of cats and a dog. This is his favorite spot - he can listen in on the conversations and stay out of the way.

This is Toppy, my very good friend. He looks vaguely diabolical, all black, even his nose. But he is extremely friendly.

You can see that Toppy was quite interested in my food. What you can't see is that two minutes after that he was ears deep in my tuna salad. Unfortunately I was too slow to take a picture.

Lovely and delicious birthday cake.

The next morning we went out for a Turkish breakfast. Very nice and right on the beach.

We are sitting on a wooden deck millimeters away from the water.

On the last day we went to the market to buy some fruits and veggies. I was surprised to see lots of strawberries - their season in Israel is already over. But then, their grapes season hadn't started yet while back home we already have plenty.

Being a huge "Fast and Loud" fan, I was lucky to spot this beauty. Chevrolet Impala, my guess around 1965 model, four door (sorry, Richard, I prefer four door!) In need of a paint job and some missing trim but otherwise perfect.

Such was our trip. Too short, as usual.
Now I'm back to my two jobs, I started working at the store, but we'll talk about it later. And in my translations, I'm just about to start the second episode of a certain Steven King-based TV show. All is far from well in Chester's Mill.


  1. The seaside looks gorgeous. Must go to Turkey one day. Ha I love 'Under the Dome' so silly but very entertaining!

    1. So funny, I was told once that I'm not supposed to tell people what exactly I'm translating. I didn't sign any non-disclosure agreements so I should be OK but it's fun to describe the show instead of naming it directly. Those who "in the know" will know :)